Windows cut into single skin wall no longer showing as transparent

Hi, I am using SU with the Passive House DesignPH extension. I have been making a simple 3D model of a house and successfully cut windows into the surface, convert it to a window and it displays correctly. I then go off and do other geometry and return to my windows (in a seperate layer) and they appear to move ‘inwards’ into the internal space and are no longer transparent and no longer appear to be cut into the wall… The windows are still there but on the external face they are black boxes and do not appear to be glued to the wall. Without redoing them (which I have tried) I end up with non transparent windows.

Maybe a simple grouping issue but I do not know how to reinstate or cut the windows/doors?

They may be outside of a group i.e, if your walls are a group and the windows were drawn outside of that group?
If that’s the case you could try selecting the windows (edit/cut) open the wall group and then “paste in place”

Thank you for you prompt reply. They were in different groups and (I hope) tried exactly as suggested (all be it on a Mac) and they windows appear as they were before when placed in place. I may have exploded the groups before hand (which I am suspicious is cause from my dilemma)

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The talk of groups is confusing, and also the fact you are using a plugin that may or may not create these windows??? To put it simply (I hope) For the typical cutting of one surface in SketchUp the window has to be a cutting component and in the same context as a “raw” surface (i.e. you can click once on the surface and it selects). The window component and the surface may be in a group together but that doesn’t matter. They could be in the main model context.

If you have now placed in place your windows on that surface as above. Try the TIG plugin “Reglue” to make them glue to that surface and cut it again.

Hi, Something is really weird in this model. I tried the SuperGlue extension (no sign of the one you suggested) and it fixed one of the many windows I had. I am not sure if it affected the other ones but I tried drawing a rectangle ove the black outline of the window that is sitting behind the wall, selected the internal selected surface (leaving the boundary lines) and the window appeared . Its as if I had a layer on top of the window… spooky but I think it’s fixed. Thanks for caring and your advice. I have a new extension to play with … cheers.