Everything is transparent and I can't change it back!

After modeling up some components and saving the file i haev re opened it and everything is in a transparent form. I have tried pressing the short cut “K” multiple times but has done nothing and have also tried going to View>facestyle>xray and that has also done nothing.

Does anyone know how to disable the transparent setting and go back to normal setting ?


Try the menu View/Face Style/X-ray and see if it has been checked. If so, uncheck it.

And if that’s not it, upload your .skp here, or if it is too big to drag and drop into your next post, upload it to a file sharing service like Dropbox, OneDrive or WeTransfer and post a link here.

Could also be a graphics driver issue, make sure you have the latest driver from the graphics card manufacturors website.
Don’t let Windows tell you it is up to date!

ive tried the View / Face style / xray and it doesnt seem to do anything. From what i under stand its stuck on view / edge style / back edges, this happened when i used the shortcut by pressing the “k” key. I would share the files here but Unfourtanelty being a clients work im not allowed to share these files with anyone.

thanks for this il give it a go and see what happens ! Have you ever had any experience with the check your system application that sketchup has in the help center ?

Surely you can manage a screenshot that doesn’t give anything away but shows us what you are seeing.

Yes I have used it once before I installed SketchUp on my laptop.
I doubt if it would report a bad graphics driver though…

Windows update tends to break graphics card drivers once in a while.
If you ask Windows about your graphics it will tell you that it is up to date.
That’s why I told you to get the latest driver directly from the manufacturors website…