Transparency issue on SketchUp 2024 with new graphic engine

I was very happy to turn the ambiant occlusion on but the new graphics engine completely removes the transparency (it’s either 0 or 100% opaque) from the surfaces. I am on a framework 16 with the discrete GPU (RX 7700S)
Any solutions and similar experiences?

Several equivalent problems have been reported. On the new Apple M3 chips, transparent faces and X-ray mode cause models to freeze. This problem can be bypassed by turning antialiasing off. Can you give it a try ?

Just tried it. Didn’t do anything. As soon as I have the new engine on, all faces with transparency “disappear”
Nothing freezes, everything is smooth as butter, but no face.

Small update here :
The problem is coming from sketchup not liking the discrete GPU. The new engine works fine with the integrated one selected.
The big question is then: is the new engine that much of a performance bump that it can offset the performance differences from the GPU itselves?
Could I maybe select the integrated GPU inside of sketchup but force the discrete one with windows?

I don’t think so. One will override the other. (I think that application GPU assignment will override the general display assignment by the Windows Display Settings.)

Have you updated your Nvidia driver lately? Are you using Game Ready or Studio driver edition?

The graphics card you mention in your first post is an AMD Radeon one, and in your profile you cite Nvidia. Which one are you actually using? Is the driver up to date?( don’t trust Windows, go to the AMD or Nvidia site to check)
Have you checked if setting the Transparency setting to Nicer in your style settings would help?

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You are on a laptop presumably?
Are you connected to a monitor also? How is it connected?

Sorry, yes I just bought the computer and didn’t update my profile. I downloaded the drivers from AMD directly, yes.
I think I tried with the nice setting as well but I’ll give it another go.

Both my GPUs are AMD and yes the drivers are up to date.

Yes the laptop is the framework 16. I do have an external monitor connected through HDMI

Try disconnecting the 2nd monitor and trying it with both GPUs.

Is that using the HDMI expansion module?

Yes it’s using the HDMI expansion module but nothing changes when unplugging the monitor