Transparent textures desintegrate in Sketchup 2024

Something strange is going on with transparent textures against a transparent background in Sketchup 2024. Added are two images of a file. The first one of the model in Sketchup 2023:

The second one in Sketchup 2024:

I tried to reproduce this in 24 on my Mac. Can’t make it happen. Double transparent surfaces, with AO on and off, shadows on and off, all seems to behave correctly. Can you isolate the offending geometry in a fresh file and upload it?

Perhaps this an artifact from the settings in the graphics options, now with new engine options for 24. What are the settings in SketchUp>Preferences>Graphics? Under graphics engine details does it list as running on the new engine or the old version?

Screenshot & a Sketchup 2023 file.

Edit: I both cases I’m using Sketchup’s standard settings, which is the new graphics engine in SU 2024.

x.skp (151.5 KB)

Of course I’m on a PC but I’m not seeing any problems with your file. I do see that the faces for the glass on the doors is reversed. I wonder if that has anything to do with what you are seeing. Wouldn’t hurt to correct the face orientation anyway.

I’m not seeing the problem.

But it seems like you have reversed faces showing in your Component#28’s which are behind the railing.

  • I see Dave has pointed this out as well… so the picture just verifies.

This is what I see from the inside, even if I reverse faces.

What happens if you remove the material from the back face?

Even though you can considder it a nice sketchy stile, I don’t think it’s supposed to happen.

My geuss is that I see a blue face :wink:

Who said anything about that? We’re all trying to help you get it sorted out. You’re right. It shouldn’t happen. And it isn’t happening for us. We’re also using SketchUp 2024 so that implies it’s related to your computer, not SketchUp 2024.

A Mac thing? Ah no. Strange.

In the style tray/face settings try changing the transparency quality setting.

I’m on a Mac, M1max cannot reproduce the problem. i already tired both Faster and Nicer transparency, worked fine both ways. What version OS are you running? Is there anything very very far from the origin in your model? Looking for a reason this would happen only for you.


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I’m on a Mac M3 Max and seeing the same issue. I’m also seeing similar artifacts in x-ray mode on all models. In x-ray mode the graphics will sometimes stop refreshing completely (graphics freeze, but SketchUp is still responsive) and I need to re-open the model for it to work again. Setting multisample anti-aliasing to 0 in the graphics settings resolved the issue, but things look pretty bad without anti-aliasing.

Hmmm interesting, Both of you on M3 and I suspect more to the point on Sonoma? Looking for the common denominator here. I’m on Montery with no transparency issues, however there are other quirks. Do you get black objects when making components with ambient occlusion on?

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on ma mac M1 ventura, to issue either.

yeah, Reading the thread I thought the same.

was this made in 23 or directly in 24 ?
if it was made in 23, can you try making a new 24 file and applying the same material to see if it changes ?
(again, ruling out things)

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I got to get back to work now, but I also see it with Sketchups standard textures. Over time maybe there maybe is more to say about it.

I do see the problem, and will write up a bug report about it. It seems to be M3 specific, and only shows if you are on 2x or 4x antialiasing. You don’t get the problem if you’re on 0x antialiasing.


I see more similar issues. Below is an image of what remains of a rectangle drawn on a textured surface.

Same issue, i think.

It appears that the problem occurs when viewing one transparent surface through another. Setting the antialiasing to 0 resolves this issue, although it looks pretty ugly.

I have the same problem. Posted it here: The SketchUp 2024.0 update is available! - #28 by marakony