SketchUp 24, forming new component with AO on has graphics hiccup

Not a big deal but is anyone else seeing this? With AO turned on whenever I make a new component all the elements in the drawing turn black. Orbiting immediately fixes it but it’s a odd quirk.


Doesn’t happen for me.

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Reminds me Fredo Loft rough black previews

not happening here either, M1 with ventura.

could it be monterey’s handling of metal ?
(at least a camera change immediately solves it)

Perhaps of mild interest, but it sounds like it’s not a problem for any others so It’s probably a quirk of the SU24 / metal / M1 / Montery OS combination which is bound to be a small subset. Will probably pass when I commit to 24 and update the OS to match. I don’t think this is the “dark mode” people keep asking for? :joy:

The “blackening” only happens wth AO turned on. It happens only with components, not groups. It happens on forming a new component, or on backing out of nested components (once for each nesting layer)

It also appears to not happen in a set area of the upper left screen? The unaffected area is the same pixel area regardless of window size?


It was happening to Aaron during last Friday’s live modeling

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Hmmmmm thats not ideal. Im on a Mac M3 and cant reproduce this. Is your profile up to date @endlessfix, you’re running an M1? Ill see if we have any bugs logged for this and if not I’ll put one in today.

I’ve seen that “all black” look on other hardware under different circumstances. Seems to be some failure mode of AO when something’s not right.

Yes, my profile is correct, other than the SketchUp version as I’m still dialing in 24 before committing to the switch. :+1:

I noticed that as well, and asked Aaron about his Mac. He has an M2. We do know of some issues that are M3 specific, so I’m interested in this issue, if it also affects M2.

I will try the steps shown in the screen recordings.

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Ok, that didn’t take long! I see the issue even on my Intel Mac.


I logged a bug report about this. SKOR-18895 in our system.