Black outlines, black dots in Viewports in LayOut 2017

Hi SketchUp team
I just wondered if you had an update regarding your fix for the bug that many of us Mac users are suffering after upgrading to 2017 (thick black jagged outlines and black squares around models in Viewports). I’m having to work in 2016, so it would be great to be able to use the 2017 upgrade soon!
Regards, MJB

Can anyone from the SketchUp team answer my query?

Hi there, any updates to this?

I have a brand new iMac with graphics card 10.12.6 (16G29) and the black dots are ruining any useful output from Layout. This only seems to affect the perspectives, not 2 dimensional drawings.

Please advise asap


What version of SketchUp? Your profile only indicates Pro but not the version.

There is a long thread about this in the depths of this forum. It is an issue with transparent view backgrounds triggered by setting the background to pure white. As a workaround I suggested setting the background colour in the SketchUp style used to something like 1% gray (or RGB 254,254,254).

Hi Dave,

Apologies, I have a 2017 licence.

Cheers, Angus

Thanks Anssi,

I will give this a go!


Have you installed the recently released update?

Hi DaveR,

Yes I have installed the update, this makes no difference unfortunately.

I have also tried changing the background colour to an off-white which Anssi suggested, without success.

Any more thoughts?

All assistance is appreciated

Is your background turned on? (On the PC the checkbox is on the Styles tab of the SketchUp Model tray),

Hi all, as an FYI these artifacts are a result of an issue coming from Apple. Our 2107 M2 release addressed the known cards and drivers at the time, unfortunately, when new cards come out the fix does not apply. The 2017 M3 release was to fix some issues related specifically to High Sierra.

The good news to all this is that Apple has a fix in place in High Sierra. So, you could wait for another release of SketchUp or update to High Sierra with your current version of SketchUp.


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