Sketchup 17, Mac OS sierra transparency bug

SU 17, mac os sierra, AMD Radeon R9 M295X. I’m encountering a visual bug where if I change the transparency settings from faster to nicer, most of my model disappears. Note, all the parts of the model that disappear do not have transparency, the ONLY parts that remain visible have transparency applied. The ghosting around the transparent png objects does improve however, so it’s trying to accomplish the ‘nicer’ aspect at least. This problem is reproducible with everyone in my office. Please note the tips of the plants on the wood fence in the two images. I can’t find anyone outside my office with this issue on any forums, we all have different video cards, same OS.

In this thread:

So the SketchUp Team knows about these issues and are working on them.

Here is the update by Marc:

I’m not certain that this issue is the same as the black areas issue… I’ll mention this thread to the graphics team to make sure it’s on their radar.


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Looks like this may be a different issue… If anyone else is experiencing this, please contact us!


Sierra 10.12.3 (16D32)
iMac 27" with AMD Radeon R9 M395X 4096 MB
I cannot save a png with a transparent background. In 2016 on an older iMac it was no issue.
I had created numerous pngs with transparency on that older machine in SU 2016, now the exact same file with the same styles in SU 2017 as I had in SU 2016 on this new iMac listed above, there is a white background instead of transparent background.
Anyone else have this issue?

I believe this bug has been reported and they are working on it.

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Good to know


Thank you for your report. @slbaumgartner is correct that your transparency issue is known to us and we are testing a fix for it.


I’m having the same issue with MacOS El Capitan. I don’t think it’s an operating system issue. This thread is quite old, has there been a solution to this problem?

SU v2018 is the primary fix for mac graphics issues…

it works well on El Capitan for me…