Problem! Black points show in Layout using Raster

Morning! I have a problem with layout. I made a design in Sketchup and used Tech Pen Blue as style. Now when I open this drawing in Layout and the frame is set to Raster, I get these weird black points, they almost looks like end points which they are not.

Using Vector and Hybrid makes them disappear. but that’s not the look im going for. Printing the image in Layout shows these black points, using layout’s export feature does and also when I export directly to 2D in Sketchup does too. Also in Layout it shows on the screen, it does not in Sketchup. The image shows a 2D export directly from Sketchup…

Anybody a clue whats going on here?

Hi George-

Take a look at the linked thread. You’re likely seeing the same issue - this is a side effect of the massive graphics system upgrades that we did for 2017, and we’re working on a fix.

Thanks Marc, glad i’m not the only one…

How long is the fix likely to take?

Hey MJB, are you asking me? After reading a lot about this, I think we have to wait for an update. Just FYI, when you use hybrid and vector, not black ares appear… Maybe Marc can give us some sort of indication of when to expectations the update…

I’m going the hybrid route at the moment, but it’s so much slower.