Several Layout Problems

I am having 4 Issues with Layout that need addressed:

  1. Some Hybrid / Vector rendering viewports fill in regions with a poche where there is not supposed to be any fill. The error is only fixed by switching to Raster rendering.

Hybrid with fill region error.

Raster viewport fixed.

  1. Diagonal lines are appearing many places, deforming drawings at times. Cannot fix with switching to Raster because of loss of transparent background.

  2. PDF’s print with black backgrounds from MAC’s that ruin drawings where the PDF’s display no hint that the page should plot black…

    Print outs, MAC Print Left, PC Print Right

Layout View

  1. Layout PDF’s Print with pixellated dimension strings, making the text illegible, all settings set to high quality.

    Pixellated Printout Text

PDF View

Please Sketchup, address these issues.