Layout imports look wrong

It’s an issue with the graphics drivers on some Macs. The LayOut team has been working on a way around it but it really depends on Apple and the Graphics card manufacturer.

Oh dear. Any idea if Apple will be responsive to this problem? I depend on good quality images for my work. Is there anyone I should contact to help address this? Or do I need to change my graphics card?

I have no idea what sort of timeline Apple is on or what sort of action they’ll be taking. I haven’t heard of anyone changing the graphics card in their Mac as a way to solve this issue and I don’t know how successful it might be. There’s several threads on this topic already and in one, the SketchUp folks are collecting graphics card info from Mac users seeing this issue. I’ll see if I can the link to that thread.

ETA: Read this: Layout question 2017 version - #5 by Anssi

and also this: Black areas showing up in 2017 Layout viewport - #27 by Marc

Thanks Dave. Appreciate your quick response!

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