Any idea what happened here? (More Layout Fun)

Morning all.
When exporting to pdf, I had this yesterday (circled red) and was obliged to do a rubbish screen grab in order to issue dwgs. It printed out this morning OK. Ugh.
It worries me when stuff happens that I don’t understand. I would have been in proper trouble yesterday if the client wouldn’t have been OK with a crappy screen grab.
Thoughts welcome, H
ps. Look carefully, it’s not just section turned off

Pyrmont ? :slight_smile:

I could tell you where it is, but my “Men In Black” memory wiper is out of batteries…

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re the problem … on a mac or pc… your profile is amusingly ambiguous…

I would suspect a video card issue, drivers or not enough video memory… can you test the file on another macpc…?

Ah great idea G. I’ve been looking for an excuse to upgrade.
It’s a 3 year old 27 inch Mac running bootcamp so it’s windows (I use both mac and pc sketchup… and IOS too!)
Bootcamp just recently upgraded the video drivers so it runs at max resolution.
I’ll change it back and see if it happens again.

How do I edit my profile?

I don’t know if it would help but you could try switching “Transparency quality” to “Nicer” in your Styles (face settings tab) in SketchUp.

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