Transparent faces on buildings

Howdy there, I am currently working on a project for one of my classes and can’t seem to get my faces to not be transparent! It is just on the actual buildings (pictured below) but not on my streets or sidewalks. anyone know how to fix this? Also I have already checked the transparency option and that’s not it :frowning: please help!!!

It’s difficult to tell from your screenshot but it looks like typical OpenGL bleed through.

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got?

yes I can, here you go!
483URPN Mixed Plan.dwg (1.8 MB)

How about uploading the SketchUp model file instead of a .dwg? The file extension is .skp.

Okay so save my Cad file as .skp instead of .dwg correct?

Save your SketchUp model as a SketchUp file as in File>Save.

Okay I did that and its still doing the same thing, I went ahead and saved a copy of the file if you want to mess around with it!

3D model1.skp (3.72 MB)

I asked you to save and share the .skp file so we can look at it and try to identify exactly what the issue is. I’ll look at it now that you’ve done that.

You have Back Edges turned on. Press k to turn them off.

It wouldn’t hurt to spend a little time learning to use SketchUp. See Your model could stand to have some groups and proper use of tags. ALL edges and faces should be untagged.

Screenshot - 4_15_2022 , 4_27_57 PM

Thank you so much! I will definitely be working more with this because it’s pretty interesting and I think I could make some cool designs and have some good looking tenders in Lumion!