I Need Help ASAP..! (transparent walls)

Hi everybody i have big problem i draw my building and when i look around it its walls became transparent is there anyone knows the solution i’ll try to put pic. thank you…

and i’m using sketchup pro 2017

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Hit the K key.

You’ve got Back Edges turned on. K toggles them on and off.


Press “K”


thank you so much guys you save my project

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@DaveR beat me to it haha

He was extra fast because of the asap thing…

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Entire Model on SKetchup for Web has gone Transparent and cant seem to get it back to solid. It’s not in X-ray mode via k key.

Probably an issue with incorrect tag usage. Share the .skp file with us so we can try to help you.

0510.skp (424.8 KB)

SWitching to Perspective fixed it.
0510 fixed.skp (398.3 KB)

Looks like an interesting hobby project. What are you making?

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oh wow, that was easy. thank you!

i’m modeling the structural portion of a new build to coordinate all the MEP runs.

That’s your hobby? Or is the for your work? If the latter you need to be using SketchUp Go or Pro, not SketchUp Free.

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