Why are my walls transparent or just lines

Hi, I am new to sketchup and slowly learning my way. I have started to build a model but what i am seeing is not solid walls. I have tried toggling K without success. Is anyone able to help with this please as I am completely stuck and can’t move forward.? I have attached a photo to show you what I am seeing. Many thanks

Looks like you got X-ray mode engaged, you can turn it off here:


hi Thanks for reply, i don’t have Xray on but i did use it when I started the sketch as i was using a floor plan to sketch over. I then turned it off.

Then check if you set the face style to wireframe. If so, set it back to Shaded or Shaded with Textures and you should be ready to go.

thanks I have now done that but still no walls. could this have something to do with when I imported the floor plan and changed the opacity in the little window (tray). I can’t work out how to get back to that window

Thanks. I have tried this but it only changes the background colour.

Please upload the model in your reply.
Allowing us to work with it will help us help you.

Like so…

As you are using the Web version, use the Download item in the menu that opens from the folder icon at the upper left of the SketchUp (not the forum) window. That will save a copy to your computer that you can upload here as @Geo suggested.

Could you have painted your walls with a 100% transparent color? Try the paint tool and choose a new color, see if you can paint a surface. Or perhaps the surfaces are erased, really looks like wireframe style. Post the model as suggested for a sure answer.