How to see Solid Walls- Everything is Transparent

HI there,

I am very new to Sketchup, I am using Pro 2020 version. I am trying to create a 3D rendering/elevation from a floorplan. I am stuck right now because all my walls appear translucent. They won’t become a solid color. Help is appreciated! I have tried toggling on/off Xray view and using different materials.

Hard to tell exactly without seeing the SketchUp file. Two guesses. Either the image you imported and are using as a texture has transparency or you have X-ray in Face Style enabled.

In either case it looks like you probably imported an image and exploded it prior to tracing over it. Generally it would be better to import the image and NOT explode it. Then trace over it and extrude the walls. Once the image has served its purpose, delete it from the model. After you are finished with it, it’s only going to bloat the file.

Hi Dave,

I have tried turning off the xray, I did use it in order to draw the walls. The image I imported did have a transparent background originally…if I delete that floor plan image will the walls become solid?

Hi Kelly,

Again, guessing since I don’t have enough to go on here. It looks like the image you exported is being use as a material on the wall faces. If you delete the texture from the In Model materials, the material should be replaced by the default material.

If you share the .skp file, it’ll be easier to give you exact information.

Hi Dave,

I deleted the floorplan image and I am now able to color the walls and they seem to be solid. I also toggled the view mode to Face Style> Shaded.


You’re welcome. It looks like you now have reversed faces exposed. This is common when you create the model as you have. After getting rid of the texture on all the walls, correct the reversed faces before you make the model more complex.