Transparency Issue on SU 2024: Utilizing Radeon Graphic Drivers

I have many machines in my office running SU2024. The machines with Radeon GPUS (both 7900xtx) with latest drivers cannot display transparency with the new graphics engine. I have no issues displaying transparency with my Nvidia Machines (All RTX 3080 or 4080) with latest drivers.

I can confirm that SU2024 is utilizing GPU in all cases and not CPU for rendering.

I’m having the exact same problem with a AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega 8 Mobile Gfx 2048 MB 1200 MHz DDR4 VRAM with 12 GB total RAM

Any ideas as to the cause?

Does it do the same if you change the transparency quality from from faster/nicer?

Yes, it does the same thing. There is zero transparency from the model whether it’s faster or nicer. It will not display any transparency, just wire frame.

Sounds like a problem with the Radeon driver. Things like this have happened before. Does switching to the Classic render engine help?

Yes, per my first post, it is only with the new engine.

If I’ve ever had a weird graphics error on windows in SketchUp or elsewhere, it’s usually been a radeon driver thing.

Try using DDU to clear out all the drivers then do a fresh install of the latest package
Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) | Wagnardsoft

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Glad to hear I am not alone having to painfully watch others using ambient occlusion…I have the same exact problem running a RX 7700 S on a Framework laptop.
I’ve talked to SketchUp support who basically told me that they didn’t know what the issue was and to stick with the classic engine until the next update which might resolve the issue.
I’ve also contacted framework support who told me that the issue was coming from SketchUp if all my drivers were up to date.
This 2024 release is very buggy what’s the point releasing something that almost works…?!

AFAIK SketchUp doesn’t write its software to work with specific graphics hardware but to interface with graphics frameworks provided by the OS. This problem you are experiencing happens only with AMD graphics, not with other vendors’ hardware. According to the requirements, the new graphics engine in SketchUp 2024 requires DirectX12, feature level 11.0 support. Obviously something of this is missing in the latest AMD driver. It is not the first time something like this is happening with AMD drivers.

I have submitted a bug report and suggest any user having the same issue to do the same.

Open AMD Software: Andrenalin Edition and navigate to System.
Find the bug report tool.
Follow the steps to submit your bug.


I have used DDU to clear out all the drivers and complete a fresh install of the latest package (Version 24.5.1), still not displaying transparency correctly in ‘new graphics engine’

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I just did the same. Let’s hope they give a ■■■■…

In my experience, developers care, especially if you write some proper instruction to replicate the bug.

Edit: That doesn’t mean their management/company cares.

I also have done the same steps immediately after installing the the 2024 Sketchup Pro and it solved nothing.

Even the X-Ray Face Style can’t display any transparency while using the new graphics engine.