Translucent colors become wireframe in SU 2024

I just installed SU 2024 from 2023 and opening a model and some of the materials in the models that were colored - specifically colors that were adjusted to become 50% translucent not show as “clear”, like wireframe. I installed updated graphics drivers for the AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX with Radeon Graphics 3.30 GHz and no improvement. Looking at the material “edit” it shows up as it should - all the settings reflect the way it should look in the model, but don’t.

Have you checked the style for the scene?

several AMD users have had the same problem recently

maybe trying to reinstall an older driver could help ?

It is probably a bug in the AMD graphics driver as others with AMD graphics have reported the same problem on the forum.

This does not help. AMD also pushed a new driver today that does not resolve the issue. I have done a complete new install of graphics drivers after using DDU to remove them. Still unresolved.

I have submitted a bug report directly to AMD. Hopefully they will patch in a fix.

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Continue to use "classic graphics engine’ until this is resolved.

Thank you. The Classic Graphics Engine switch did the trick!