How do i make faces appear on both sides?

Hi, pardon me i don’t really know where to post this so i’m sorry if i’m breaking any rules but would anyone happen to know how to make faces appear on both sides without having to export one model as the front and one as the back facing faces? thanks in advance.

I don’t know what rules you’d be breaking by asking a question. That’s what we’re here for.

Could you give some more information share at least of screen shot so we can see what you’re asking about?

Imported as this

turns into this with a hollow seethrough face
is there anyway to make both sides have a solid face ?

Most of the time i would usually just reverse the faces and import and it would include a whole model without those, but it’s very inefficient as it takes up a lot of my time doing so, would there be an easier way of just making the faces solid and not see throughable?

You should be able to draw in the lines to fill in the missing surfaces.Use the Line tool to connect vertices across the opening I would start with a vertical edge on the center line and work out from there.Use as few edges as possible.

There are some extensions that might help but you should see what it takes to fill the faces by doing it manually first.

I don’t see any faces to reverse in your screen show. Maybe on the back where we can’t see?

What i mean is that the game engine i’m using does not render the back faces so i have to reverse the faces that are considered the “back faces” to front faces, and it’s really annoying.

I see. That’s typical of renderers. It requires proper modeling techniques in SketchUp including keeping all back faces on the inside. If you want to be able to see the inside of the structure through the hole in the front, you’ll have to give the thing some thickness so that you only have front faces exposed. The faces in SketchUp have no thickness so using a single skin of faces is not realistic anyway.

How would one go about making the model thicker? I have no skills what so ever using sketchup in that way.

It’s probably time to learn more about using SketchUp correctly before you waste more time and annoy yourself further. Start with simpler models.

To add the thickness, I would select all of the structure and copy it to the clipboard with Crtl+C. Then I wouldreverse the faces of the structure (it’s going to be the inside when you’re finished) and then scale it down slightly. Use Edit>Paste in place to paste the geometry you copied earlier. And then the Line tool to stitch the inside and outside shells together around the openings.

You posted in the SketchUp Pro forum but your profile indicates you are using SketchUp for Schools (the online version). Which one are you really using?

What render engine are you using?

Most 3d modelling packages doesn’t render the back-side by default. (SketchUp is the odd one out). But usually have some option somewhere to enable backside rendering.

Try right clicking to a front face then choose ‘Orient Faces’. This reverses all back faces according to the front face you rigt clicked (works quite good most of the time, so you don’t have to deal one by one).

You can use Joint Push Pull Interactive plugin to make uneven surfaces thicker.

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