What do you use Reverse Faces for?

I have used SketchUp for over 20 years, and it has always mildly bugged me that Reverse Faces does not switch Materials. I use Reverse Faces exclusively for ensuring I have Front face consistency, so every time I have to right click and Reverse Face, then open Entity Info and switch the Materials too.

Is there a use-case for not switching the Materials? Enquiring minds want to know.

Reverse Faces command does what its “name” suggest: it will reverse the face. There is nothing mentioned about the material.

The face have two side: Front and Back. The material is asgined to one or both of the sides. There is good reason to assume that when the face turns, the (assigned) material on it also turns with it, so keep the assigned material(s) on a corresponding side. This is an expected behaviour for me.

Maybe you want that kind of behaviour:

(Click on the “More info…” button with a blue background too, for more explanation)

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Yes I understand what it does :slight_smile:
The question is what do you USE it for day-to-day?

I use it exactly like you.

The only difference is that I use it before I have applied any material.


Unlike SketchUp itself, many extension renderers will show visible reversed-faces in black or sometimes white, ignoring the materials that might be applied to them.
Also 3d-printers usually get confused if faces are wrongly oriented, as the back-faces always look ‘inwards’.

So it’s best to model in Mono Chrome mode, reversing any faces that have the wrong orientation as you go.
Then apply materials.
Tip: change your usual Style’s back-face color to something like Magenta or Bright-Green, so then any reversed faces really standout !

@dezmo mentioned my FixReversedFaceMaterials at the SketchUcation PluginStore - that will reverse selected faces and add their back-face materials onto the front-face etc…
BUT it’s best to model well in the first place.


Putting aside then when you use the Reverse Face - eg it is a common work flow to receive a model that already has had materials applied from a customer.
It seems to me SketchUp should reverse the Materials too. If you use it before applying materials this makes no difference, and if you have materials applied you get what the user expects.

That is all.

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We have frequent meetings to talk about tools features we are working on. I will bring that up as a suggestion at the next meeting.


I realized there is a special case you would want to have. For faces that have not yet been textured, the front face would typically look lighter than the back face. Your request would have it be that the back face texture would remain on the face that was incorrectly pointing towards the camera. Which would make it be hard to tell anything had happened.

So, you want the texture to remain in place, but not if it was the default texture.

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because of this thread, I noticed that while reversing faces will reverse each side’s material, if you use solid inspector and you have some reverted faces (and fix them), the material will remain visible, like Adam is suggesting.

And since I usually flip my faces before painting (or in solid inspector), it feels almost natural to have non-neutral faces retain their material facing camera (like in solid inspector)