Default material reverse face problem

Somehow the reverse face of my default material has become an actual material rather than the standard gray. I cannot figure out how to change it, so i have been selecting faces and changing to a white color - which is not only cumbersome but probably causes other problems. How do I revert to the default colors?

Apply the default material. It will typically be shown as a square divided diagonally into white and blue triangles. Or use ThomThom’s Materials Tools to remove back face materials.

But how would the back faces change to another material anyway? It seems like my default material has changed. When I create a new object, or import a component that has default materials, it shows up with the new material (which is a super dark siding.) Clearly I did something weird at some point.

For starter open up the template that you used and check what the default is there.

Hi, I have the same issue. Unfortunately, the material it has selected is a busy one so I am constantly having to fill it with a colour.

Delete the material from your material library and this will remove the material anywhere it is present.

Or if the colour of the default material has changed - this is easily change by switching or editing styles

@ziggystardog @Grey when you apply a material to a group/component it will get applied to every face (front or back) that doesn’t already have a material applied.

I use this a lot for cars … Let’s say I have a component model of a car, everything in the model has materials applied (tires, glass, seats, chromework etc) BUT I DONT HAVE A MATERIAL APPLIED TO THE BODY.
I can now copy the car (component) 10 times and apply a different colour to each one, as the body is the only surface(s) without a material applied it adopts the colour I applied to the component.

Here’s an example: pop this model of a BMW X5 in a model and copy it several times. They are all the same component YET you can apply a different colour to each one whilst retaining the glass, seats, tires etc materials.
Trans-Car-BMW-X5a.skp (570.7 KB)

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Thanks Paul.

As Paul mentioned, you likely applied the material to the entire model. To fix it is very easy. Simply apply the default material to the entire model or groups inside the model. It will only change those faces that do not have a material applied. I’ve done this multiple times, so you are not alone. Thankfully the fix is super easy and takes just a couple seconds.