Only one face, no back-front

Ok, this is new to me…i select a face, but the material changes on both front and back face…its like it’s one entity, no front or back face. Is there a way to remedy this?

That would happen if it’s a group.

Of if the face is inside a component [or group] - and you’ve applied the material to that ‘container’…
Or if the face’s applied material has some transparency and the face’s back has no material - then the face gets that material to both sides…

I checked the container, it’s on default…the model also had smoothed edges and i removed that as well. I don’t see any transparency for the material either…still selects both sides…if you change the material on one side, it changes the other as well. I’m sure it is simple, but can’t figure it out.

What does this mean?

If the geometry is in a component or group and you apply the material to that component or group, both front and back faces will appear to be painted. If you open the component or group for editing and apply the material to the face, only the side you apply it to will get that material.

Example: Two cylinders each is in a group container. I painted the group container on the left so all visible faces, front and back, appear to have the material. On the right, I opened the group for editing and painted the outside of the cylinder. The green is my default back face color.

Default material is what i meant. It was a combination of a few things, edges were smoothed and the group had another material applied to it. I reset the group material to ‘default’, then set ‘view hidden geometry’ and then was able to select each face as normal. Thanks for all the suggestions, it helped!