Please explain - diff b/t layer color and material color, default color, etc.!

My latest noobie questions have to do with colors.

  1. when you create geometry (let’s say a rectangle), does it have a default material attached to it? Or is it the case that there is no material, just the color associated with the layer? If there is a material, how do you set / change the default material?
  2. what is the difference between the color associated with the layer our rectangle is on, vs. the material color? how do the 2 interact? I think I’m correct to say that if I apply a material to it, that material will be displayed even if my style is set to “Color by layer”? if I apply a material to it (say a translucent gray to simulate a pane of glass), how do I then change it back to the default material?


Yes (by default), unless you are viewing the model with “color by layer”
you can change the color of the default by going into styles.

you will find the options in the “face settings”

They are different things, two different color scheme if you know what I mean. They do not interact.
unless your style is set to Color by layer, it will show everything with the material that has been applied. Even if you change the mode to “color by layer” you can easily switch back to show materials again.

If you want to revert back to default material, just click on the default material icon on your materials dialogue. and apply onto your object.

in case you are in windows.

No. The objects will be displayed in layer colors when “Color by layer” is ON, and you will not see any material assignments.

Otherwise they’d have had to name the option “Color by later except for the various faces that I’ve painted with materials”. But, that didn’t fit on the menu. (Yes, I’m kidding.) :wink:

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It wouldn’t be a problem if you have a giant high-res monitor, right? :smile:

Thanks for the correction, Dan.