How can I get the default material of a sketchup model?


Hi there,
I’m trying to import a simple model in my program. All the faces are attached with the default mateiral. When i used SUFaceGetFrontMateial, it returned null. Then i used SUModelGetMaterials to get all the materials, and i found all the materials’ colors were different from the colors i got from sketchup 2014 pro. So, is there any ways to get the default material and its color?


The colors for the default material is defined by the current style. To obtain that you need to inspect the current rendering options: SURenderingOptionsGetValue.
The docs for the C API doesn’t seem to make it easy to figure out the keys for this. (@paul, correct me if I’m wrong here.)
But via the Ruby API you can query the different keys: Sketchup.active_model.rendering_options.keys We even have a list in the Ruby API docs:


Thank you! It’s very helpful!