How would I get the default material in a DC dropdown



I would like to nominate the default material without causing an error in the dynamic attribute dialog, would anyone know the right term to use; as default is not recognized as a material and “” (used in calculating material) produces an error. Sample attached What to name default.skp (18.2 KB)


Yeah +1
I have been struggling with this also. Tried almost everything (Nil,,nil, etc.) Making a copy of the default material generates a black new color, not the default, so SketchUp can’t duplicate the default color itself ! It has something todo with the way SketchUp’s naming convention that , if there isn’t a material assigned, they would call it ‘Default’ but actually it is the lack of a color. Very annoying when the red # pops up. It is like saying : "Oh, well, we will use the error to apply the Default (which is none) color.
IMHO the name “default” should be replaced with “None” and should have its own name (like ‘nil’ or something like it) We could then choose it in the option list.


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