Bad SketchUp Crash

Out of the blue today SketchUp went to hell. I can’t apply colors, tool icons are strange looking and blue, there are little red plus signs next to many keyboard keys, section cuts are a mess, etc. etc. I’ve reinstalled SketchUp a couple of times to no avail. Help.

You added a screenshot. What should we be seeing in it? Looks perfectly normal.

I don’t see anything wrong with your screenshot. You need to give us some more information.

What version of SketchUp? Complete your forum profile.

As @DaveR said, completing your profile makes it easier for other users to offer you help. Plus, sharing your actual model lets us look at what you are seeing… your screenshot does not really do much to explain what is going wrong.

Some of that sounds like you’ve just updated to 2023.1

Not sure about the other things

I think I solved the email problem.

Here is the .skp file. You can see that it is showing colors, but not textures. The Floor Plans are particularly bad.


Michael Gassman

ok, it’s a simple one.

right click on a tool, any tool, and add the “style” toolbar.
in it you’ll see a serie of cubes (look below, it’s the mac version). Right now your file use a “colour but no material” style, the plain brown cube (5th). You’ll click on the black-and-brown stripped cube next to it to switch back to a style with materials (ok it’s more dark blue than black now. the 6th)

Capture d’écran 2023-09-15 à 19.45.30

The alternative is to go the the View menu, then face style
as shown in this video

yeah, Adam is right, it sounds like you did the upgrade. new interface is here.

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