Color problem on faces


I have a little issue with coloring. When I color the walls that are facing one specific direction, they appear different from all the other walls, even though it’s the exact same color. I tried reversing faces, but that didn’t do much. I attached a screenshot to see what’

s going on. Has anyone had this before? Thank you in advance.

You’re seeing shading, which helps you make out a 3D object on a 2D screen. You can adjust the darkness/brightness of the light and shaded areas in the Shadows palette. You can also turn shadows on/off and toggle if the sun is used for shading. Play with those to see if you can get it more to your liking. But please remember, shadows are a part of life and this type of thing happens in real life to a certain extent, naturally.

The other very real possibility is that you are not coloring the walls properly, and we might actually be seeing two different materials. It’s hard to guarantee what’s going on without actually opening the model itself.

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Thanks. It helped. For some reason the shadow settings got changed, before that everything was fine. But I don’t think you understood the actual issue. You were more quick to explain what a shadow is.

I guarantee I understood the issue perfectly. I wasn’t sure if you were confused about how shading works in general, or had an actual issue, based on how you presented it.


To make the model SketchUp colours match those in the materials browser swatches use these shadow settings:

  • turn shadows off
  • turn “use sun for shading” on
  • set the Light slider to 0%
  • set the Dark slider to 80%

I don’t think it’s a matter of shading, as we can clearly see surfaces that have different colors while being on the same plane.
I think you should check if you don’t have several objects/surfaces at the same place, and that has been suggested by @monospaced . Easy way to check that is to select one of the darker faces or group containing them and hide it (or even delete). you’ll know if there’s something underneath

Alas, as so often happens here on the forum, everyone is just guessing because from an image we can only deal with what we see, which usually has multiple possible explanations. It you upload a model, people can look it to arrive at specific conclusions.