Styles and curves


Hi is it possible to get the sketchy styles to display curved/complex objects well, whenever i use an interesting style to help sell the drawing it misses a lot of the detail does anyone have any advice for this? I dont particlary want to do realistic renders just tradtional line drawings and a good perspective view that doesn’t look carton like, i link to my example…

link to example


• Zoom in as close as you can.
Sketchy Edge styles automatically render less and less detail as camera distance increases.

• Adjust the Level of Detail slider in the Styles browser.


ok thanks so it can’t really do it and the views i would like it to be able to. I might keep searching for other styles i could use. my other issue is can I adjust the face shading on the default style for example (the woodwork style) I would like it to look less heavy the only adjustments i can find are for shadow which is different as I understand. or Am I going about this the wrong way?


Since you’re posting in the SU Pro category, I presume you have SU Pro, which includes Style Builder.
You might try creating your own sketchy style; one which includes a number of very short strokes.
The shorter length strokes may help render the tiny details you’re after.

Try enabling Use Sun for Shading and then adjusting the Time; Date; Light and Dark sliders.


i’m not sure if this applies to your model but…

using unwelded curves vs welded curves can cause certain styles to display incorrectly… loss of detail, missing elements, etc.


here’s an example of what i mean:

here’s the .skp to play with… switch through various styles with this model and you’ll see the difference between welded edges and non-welded

weldedgesstyles.skp (2.5 MB)


thanks this could be my main issue is there a simple way to make sure they are all connected joined?
or do you have to weld individually?

I am also still struggling with shading shadow thing. What I want to be able to do is set my scene up and use the face shading that is in the default styles except turn it down a bit so its not so heavy, whenever i use the shadow option it shades from one angle only, i might just be barking up the wrong tree with what i want to achive!
I appreciate all your help with this as displaying the model well is a big factor in us winning the jobs


[quote=“ferg, post:6, topic:9060, full:true”]
thanks this could be my main issue is there a simple way to make sure they are all connected joined?
or do you have to weld individually?[/quote]

i use a plugin by Fredo6 called Curvizard… with that, you can select a segment from a curve and it will select the rest then weld them together… It also functions through groups/components so you don’t have to individually edit a group in order to weld lines within it.

if the output is that important (ie- make or break winning the job), you should probably consider using a 3rd party rendering app.

you’ll have much more control over lighting and everything else for that matter.


thanks jeff i though that might be the answer just wondered if there was another route.


Also screen captures and exported images will show the sketchy edges differently.

Even program performance improvements have affected images - with notable performance enhancements starting with version 7.1, I keep a version of SU7.0 around for creating animated, screen-grabbed GIFs with sketchy edges for the line quality look between scene changes.