Sketchup Styles

Hi all,

I’ve got a quick generic question (which probably has been already asked buy can’t find it in the search), so sorry if its a double post.
I don’t own sketchup as of yet, what I know is either from the free versions of some time ago or from what I see other users do online.

My question is about custom lineart/styles. I’ve noticed that when ppl shift to a custom style, many of the detail/lines are lost. The full details are only visible when viewing the original pixelled outline, which makes it less organic and looks like a mechanical drawing.

Is there a way to make a custom style but retaining all of the small details aswell?

Thanks in advance

Short answer is yes. Some of the styles you have seen deliberately lose detail to make it look more like a hand drawn. The original drawings still retains all the detail. The only difference is in the presentation. So you can choose your level of detail in effect.

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It might help to understand how those sketchy line styles work. when you select a sketchy style, raster images of the drawn line style are laid over the edges in the model. For example, the Conte Crayon style found in the Sketchy Edges style uses the images shown here.
The shortest line image is 32 pixels long. If an edges is shorter than 32 pixels on screen, it’ll not be shown. There are other settings that affect that, too.

It’s common to see curves disappear when the edges are exploded. Welding them can help as can enabling Profiles.

Too a point. The shortest edge length available for the sketchy edges styles is 16 pixels.If that is used when making a style, it’ll help to retain the detail. If settings like Halo are not set in the style, that’ll help, as well. Welding edges on curves goes a long way, too. For that, the best tool is Eneroth’s Auto Weld. Compare the center front leg to the others. I exploded the curves on the center leg.

Sometimes you can manage by changing the face style to a shaded one. It won’t make the edges show up but it can make the shape appear.

Custom sketchy styles can be made quite easily but it requires Style Builder which is part of the Pro package. Your profile indicates you are using the free web version. Style edits are possible on the desktop client versions but not currently on the free web version. Auto Weld is an extension which the free web version can’t utilize either at this time.

indeed I’m currently using the free web based and can not edit styles, just preload them from the side panel. At work there’s the art/design department and I believe they might have sketchup there (I know they have CAD), so i might fiddle with some options during lunch break.

As for the auto weld extension, is that something that is done automatically from any model or should you use it while creating the model? that is, if I get something from the 3d warehouse, can it ‘auto weld’/convert/fix the entire model on its own? those cabinet legs look awesomely sketched like that! would love to have it so detailed and cleaned

Auto Weld is an extension that has to be run by the user. You have to select the geometry and it automatically welds those edges that can be welded.