Style Builder 2017 - Lines Drop Out



When my custom style is applied in an skp file, short lines and curves (which are made of short lines) drop out except when viewed very close in. I dont know why. Drop Out Length: 0 Fade factor: 1.00 No Halo. What am I doing wrong? Thanks


You’re probably not doing anything wrong. There is a minimum length for the strokes in the style. If the edges in the model are shorter than the shortest stroke, they won’t show.

What is the shortest stroke in your style?

Can you share the .style file? You might need to put it into a ZIP file to upload it.


Straight (6.7 KB)

This is just a workflow test so I only made one line of each length. Shortest length is 32 pixels.

Should I make a very short length like 8 pxls or less? Thanks


32 is kind of long. The shortest stroke you can make is 16 pixels, though, so you should make one at that length anyway.

When I make styles I always use all 7 of the possible lengths (16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, and 1024) and I make the maximum number of strokes (10) per length.

There are a couple of strategies you can use to prevent shorter lines from dropping out. One is to weld edges together. Another is to export images at a larger size. For that to work well, you generally need to use a heavier stroke width. Maybe 16 or 32. You’ll probably never get rid of all the drop outs but you can reduce where they occur some times.


OK well I can tell you right away that welding really did the trick on all those curves. When I go back and remake this style I will add the additional lengths and more strokes. Many Thanks


Happy that welding worked. I use TIG-Weld so frequently I set up a keyboard shortcut for it.

You can probably imagine how the sketchy edges look without welding.