New style builder style

Hello to all, I’m trying to create a new style with style builder (something like a pencil style) but I don’t find a way to create lines without any extensions and without any breaking lines. There a way to create a style with all lines like in the default hidden line style without extensions but just with strokes lines?




When you make the settings in Style Builder, leave Extensions and Halo turned off. I also usually set Dropout length and Fade Factor to their minimum settings.
Screenshot - 1_17_2021 , 11_16_00 AM

If your strokes don’t go all the way to the ends of the boxes in the template you’ll still have gaps.

Thanks for your answer.

This is exactly what I do but seems don’t work for me :/… or maybe I wrong something else, I don’t know.

The strokes are the default style builder strokes and I think these are ok… or not?!

Probably not a good idea to go only by the sample strokes. You should make your own so you know the entire process.

Another thing to keep in mind is that because the strokes are limited to specific length intervals, they may not match the edge lengths exactly in the model. This can sometimes create slight overruns or gaps but those would be common in hand drawn images, too. This image was done using the sample strokes. The gap indicated by the arrow is due to the face that there isn’t a stroke short enough to overlay the vertical edge. If you were to zoom in enough, that edge would become visible.
Screenshot - 1_17_2021 , 11_51_59 AM

Style Builder is intended to allow you to make styles that invoke a hand drawn appearance.

Another thing to think about with Sketchy styles and short edges is that curves-if they are exploded-can disappear entirely. Here I’ve exploded all the curves in the foreground object and applied one of my pencil styles.

And the same style with all the curves welded.

Eneroth Auto-Weld is very useful here.

I understood. It seems like Style builder can’t create styles without even a little extension effect, (like in the default hidden line style)
Thanks for your explanations.

Again, since the strokes aren’t of infinitely variable length, no. You can improve things by using more stroke lengths but again, this is supposed to make illustrations look more like they were drawn by hand. It sounds to me as if you don’t want that look.