Sketchup styles details problem

I always have problem with style in representing big models in most cases the distant lines don’t apear and in some other part the congestion of lines is so much that it creates a messy unclear look I also used style builder to make my own style but it didn;t help that much

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You’ve posted too early, without giving your images time to fully upload.

Sketchy styles overlay the edges in the model with .png images of the strokes from the style. If the edges are displayed shorter than the shortest stroke length in the style you are using, those edges will not be displayed. This is also affected by the Dropout Length and Fade Factor settings for the style.

Here’s a style for example in which the shortest stroke length is 32 pixels. Dropout Length is set to 0.0.

Zooming out results in some of the lines not being displayed because they are now too short.

Increasing the Dropout length to 2 results in lines dropping out even when zoomed in.

The shortest stroke length you can select is 16 pixels long. With that and Dropout length set to 0.0 you’ll hold on to the most edges but they will still not be displayed if they get too short.

Also note that edges of exploded curves can dropout. Examples with exploded curves and welded curves using the same style.