Sketchup Styles problem with line width

Hello! I’m having a problem where my stylebuilder makes the lines look thinner, but once I apply it to my model, the lines are very thick? I have no idea how to fix this issue! Please help!

Have you tried turning off profiles?

I have. It doesn’t change the width and I want the profiles on in order to have the lines or round edges.

Share the .skp file with us so we can take a look at your model and the style.

Tried to upload, but it’s over the file limit, the SKP is in the folder along with the style!

Some incorrect tag usage and lots of unused stuff in the SketchUp file.Nothing a little fixing won’t cure.
Screenshot - 2_6_2023 , 3_38_25 PM

Screenshot - 2_6_2023 , 3_38_48 PM
More than 56% file size reduction.
UR_Classroom and Hallway_sm purged.skp (11.9 MB)

As for the style, the appearance depends on the output you choose. Always best to look at the style in SketchUp to get an idea. Here’s an example. On the left the image was exported at view size (slghtly wider than 1500 pixels) and on the right, exported at 3000 pixels wide.

You can experimen with the export size and change the appearance of the style dramatically.

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Oh my god! Thank you so much!! Is there any way to preview the style in the viewport or is this a 2d render export only thing?

How did you purge the unused geometry? That seems super helpful!

Thank you so much!! You’re a lifesaver!

No. You just need to export the image. With a little practice you’ll get to know what size you want.

Here’s an example I did a million years ago. Same style all the way though.

I used a plugin by TIG called Purge All which is available through Sketchucation. I use it because it creates a report at the end. You can do the same thing with Window>Model Info>Statistics>Purge Unused.

For fixing the incorrect tag usage I used TIG’s Default Layer Geometry. Best practice is to stay on top of the tag usage making sure that edges and faces remain untagged. Then you don’t have to worry about fixing that.

And you’re quite welcome.

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