Rendering Fine Lines

Hello guys,

I am new to sketchup and I just wanted to have a simple style of rendering for the time being. That is having really fine line drawings as final results.

I was hoping to get the same results above (screengrab of the Sketchup splash screen).

thank you

Hello! Welcome to SketchUp! First up I’d suggest checking your OpenGL preferences in the System Preferences menu. Make sure Hardware Acceleration is on and choose at least 2X Anti-Alias from the dropdown list for some crisp line representation.

Next, for modeling you can surf through dozens of Styles that SketchUp offers and find the one you like the most or make one yourself. I believe what you’re looking for is the Hidden Line style which you’ll find in the Default Styles folder.

Come back if you have other questions. Good luck!

There are a couple of things you can do. Very likely, the style you chose has Profiles set to 2 or greater. Set them to 1 in the Edge settings under the Edit tab in the Styles window and the thick profile edges will be the same thickness as the rest of the lines.

Another thing you can do is to export the image as a larger size and resize it in an external image editor. In the example, below, you can see how exporting at different sizes and then resizing affects the thickness of the lines. Same line style used throughout. You can adjust the export size by clicking on the Options button in the 2D Export window. This won’t affect the appearance of the model while you’re working but it will show up in the images you make to share.

hello, i appreciate the quick replies guys. I forgot to mention that i’m on a MAC. is there any issue or difference when using this platform for sketchup?

No problem. At least what I described is essentially the same on Mac and PC. (I use SketchUp on both) Cosmetically the interface is a little different but the result is the same.

I can’t be too sure but there shouldn’t be any drastic difference, I believe.


i’m going to try these suggestions and see if I get the results i need. I see a big difference in the PREFERENCE PANEL from your screenshot above @VahePaulman

let me check those out first.

thank you too @DaveR