Styles not displaying lines:

I recently updated to SketchUp 2016 and I am having issues with styles (see attached image)

Every time I try and switch styles I lose half the model - it only puts lines around some of it - and skips the others. It is driving me crazy and I cannot seem to find a solution in the help topics. I did not have this issue with SketchUp 8

If anyone can help me I would be grateful!

Thank you.

Could you share the model? What style are you using?

You might try turning off hardware acceleration in Preferences >OpenGL.

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Hi DaveR - the hardware acceleration did the trick. Thank you so much!! You have completely saved my model!

Unfortunately if that fixes the problem it only highlights the fact your Graphic card may not be fully capable of running sketchup.
You should check for an updated driver for your specific graphic card.

Thanks Box! My computer is old so I figured that had something to do with it.

thank you!