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I have created two or three versions of a simple model after several saves the drawing tools simply stop producing visible objects. While actually drawing eg. on single click the line tool will show the line but as soon as I click to complete the line it disappears. I was able to use it happily for some hours but then when it stops working the autosave overrides my previous saved version and I am unable to create any further objects.
If I start a new file the tools are working once again so it is clearly something to do with the saved version of the file I originally created. I am using the trial version of 2017 Pro (which will expire in a few hours. My machine is a minimal 64 bit Windows configuration but I don’t see that as contributing to the problem.
I have placed a copy of the skp file into dropbox here if anyone can examine it for me and tell me if it is corrupt.


I don’t see anything technically wrong with your file (it would be a good idea to model above the “ground”, though). Probably your problem lies with your display driver. Have you tried to look for an upgrade to that?


What puzzles me is why it works for a long time (say a few hours) then suddenly stops working.
Graphics are simply Intel graphics which I realise is marginal and I am actually looking at acquiring an NVidia 1070 card with a new system I expect to purchase soon for myself.
You are right about modelling above the ground. The drawing began life in a 2D template and I wasn’t particularly concerned about the ground plane at the time.
However I need to run some training for others using SketchUp 8 and XP machines (which is all I have available for training purposes) and hope the same issue does not arise during training sessions.


Pre-2017 versions of SketchUp have the ability to turn off OpenGL hardware acceleration if problems occur (on the Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL dialog). This will do quite well for training purposes where models usually remain quite small.


Thanks, I will try that if necessary.


When it does, uninstall it, and get the Make 2017 installer from:

… or the Make 2016 from:

What (from inside SketchUp,) does Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Details say ?

(With the Details dialog open and with focus, you can press ALT+PrintScreen on the keyboard, then click in a forum post editbox and CTRL+V to paste a PNG image here in the thread.)


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