Line tool and wall tool stop working

Hi, new to SketchUp.

I inherited a house project from my son. All was going well, then suddenly the draw line tool stop showing the line after creation and the wall tool stopped working. Hard to design a house without walls. Looked thru the topics but did not find suggestions/solutions that fixed the issues. Any advise?

Perhaps a visibility or style setting that was accidentally activated.

Can you post the model skp so someone can look at it?

Sorry, I’m a complete rookie at this. The file is too big to upload, how else can I share it?

Also I opened up a older version file of the project and both the line tool and wall tool work properly. I compared the setting in the style settings, they appear to be the same.

I noticed that the arrow keys have some sort of influence/selection during the line draw tool and are different between the 2 versions files. Not sure what that means.

You mention a “wall tool” . Are you using an Extension?

Upload the file to Drop Box of and share the link.

Yes from a download, has been working fine until now

I am in suspense, what extension are you using?

I think it is “house builder”. It shows up as under the draw tab a house builder

Again, if you’d share the .skp file we should be able to help you get it sorted easily without guessing.

Also figured out that anything downloads from 3D warehouse will not paste either. They originally appear in the model with blue frame around them, but when you go to place it, disappears.

The fix is simple. Currently you have the active tag turned off. As it is, though, anything you add to the model will not be shown. Untagged should always be left active and only groups and components should be given other tags. Put the pencil icon up at Untagged and turn on the Default_skin tag.
Screenshot - 12_23_2022 , 10_59_53 AM

I’ve fixed the incorrect tag usage in the model.
Screenshot - 12_23_2022 , 11_03_23 AM

And purged unused stuff from it which reduced the file size by 82%.
Screenshot - 12_23_2022 , 11_04_35 AM

Ver. 4.7 purged.skp (9.0 MB)

By the way, there are a ot of exposed back faces in your model. They are shown in blue. There should be no visible back faces in your 3D model. You should correct that before you go further.

There also seems to be a fair amount of ungrouped geometry.

Dave thank you so much for your help. I’ve cleaned up the model and everything is working, Merry Christmas, Paul

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You’re quite welcome and Merry Christmas!

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