Sketchup 2018 Pro

I think an extension has caused corruption in my Sketchup 2018 Pro. I installed various extensions that I use all the time, but now, sketchup effectively doesn’t work at all - no tool does anything. I have tried uninstalling all extensions, reinstalling sketchup, renaming the extensions plug-in folder, but all to no avail. Literally, Sketchup opens, and I get a blank screen, with all toolbars/drawers, but no tool creates anything in the window, nor is there the 2D character standing there, or the xyz axis. Just blank. I use architectural plug ins like 1001 tools, and various Fredo ones, some of which are uncertified, but this hasn’t given me a problem in the past. Just stumped now.

This is on your PC? Try this: Open SketchUp. Go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL. Untick Use fast feedback. Does anything change?

Sounds like your computer for whatever reason changed the graphic card drivers. Extensions can crash SketchUp but not empty the view.

Wow. That worked. What’s going on there, then?

Most likely you have an integrated Intel graphics card (can’t tell because your profile is incomplete) and there was a Windows update that included a bad Intel graphics driver. This is very common and a search of the forum would have turned up many examples. Integrated graphics adapters are not recommended because of their poor OpenGL support.

At this point, I would suggest you figure out exactly which card you have and go to the manufacturers site to download the latest driver from them instead of using the one pushed on you with the Windows update.

And save your shekels and replace the graphics with something suitable or get a new computer with an appropriate GPU. Historically Nvidia graphics have been the best.

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