Sketchup Pro 2018 not working but 2016 does


I recently purchased a new computer. I downloaded Pro 2018 and it opens , but it won’t let me draw. I can select the functions but nothing draws on the screen.

It will also not connect to Trimble so I can upload files from Sketchup Free.

I have checked everything I can read online.




Have you tried going to:

Windows>Preferences>Open GL, and unchecking “fast feedback”?



did you install SU 2018 properly, as in right click on downloaded installer file > run as administrator



This seems to have fixed it, thank you.



How new is the computer and is it possible to exchange it still? If you’ll be using SketchUp a fair amount, you might want to upgrade to a computer with a decent graphics card. The integrated Intel graphics are not recommended because they are lacking in adequate OpenGL support and the one you listed in your profile is a fairly low performing GPU. See this benchmark. Better to have a discreet graphics card and historically the Nvidia GTX series have been pretty much the gold standard.



I often see problems with the Intel 620 in particular, they seem to be troublesome for many people using SketchUp.

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Unfortunately I don’t think I can exchange it, I ordered it from Lenovo with my own features. I was just unaware of the graphics card issue. Is there anything I can do? to alleviate issues ?



I think you’ve done it by unticking Use Fast Feedback.

You can check to see what the power profile is set to. Set it for highest performance. Keep the computer plugged into Mains power when working with graphics intensive programs. And keep the Intel graphics drivers updated. Don’t trust Windows to tell you that you have the latest drivers. Go to the Intel site directly and download them. And although your computer is reasonably new, it’s not likely that the drivers are up to date so you should go ahead and update them. Also keep an eye on what Microsoft pushes for automatic updates. They frequently push their own versions of the Intel graphics drivers which break things. That’ll be an on-going maintenance thing for you. I think Microsoft pushes updates about twice a month on Wednesday nights so Thursday morning is a good time to check to see what they might have wrecked. When you find an OK driver from Intel, keep a copy of it. You might need to roll back to it.



Great , thanks for the help.

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