Returning after 3 years ... Sketchup Pro 2018 not working

I like to build stuff, retired, need to build a bathroom addition on our 1890’s home (all work, design and build, to be done by me). I had a license for 2018 Pro, but, after last project (a set of concrete stairs into basement), I haven’t used the workstation (2014 Xeon) for about 3 years. I fired it up, it had Windows 7; and immediately found out it’s no longer supported. (my other car is a Mac, which I drive everyday for computer needs). Upgraded to Windows 10, and tried to fire up my 2018 Sk Pro, and it’s hosed; which leads to my question:
Should I contact Trimble to try and get 2018 working, get an older/cheaper version, or plunk down $300 on the latest? I wouldn’t have a problem with a one time purchase of $300, but can’t afford to do it every year (living on Social Security).
Note: when my wife retires from teaching next year, I hope to design our net-zero retirement house (I’ve worked in construction and solar, and used to design such homes on a small scale). We won’t be any richer when she retires!
Appreciate any thoughts!

Very likely the problem would be solved if you repair the installation of SketchUp 2018. Do you still have the installer in your Downloads folder? If not, @colin might be able to send you a link to it.

When you run the installer, right click on it and choose Run as administrator. If it gives you the option, choose Repair.

BTW, your profile says you are using SketchUp 2017 Make. Maybe you could update your profile while you are here.

It would also be prudent to try updating your Nvidia graphics card driver after updating to Windows 10. And check in the Nvidia control panel that SketchUp is set to use your Quadro card.

Thanks for the advice, I will try what you suggest later today. I wiped a lot of stuff while upgrading windows, but the folders seem to be there for Sketchup.

Will do - Thanks!

But is the installer file still in your Downloads folder? That’s what you’d need.

Your recommendation worked! Now I’m at the screen asking me to add a license; which, of course, I can’t find. I think I downloaded it when I ordered it (rather than a disk), but can’t recall for sure, can’t find a disk. Nothing in my ''computer file" … maybe I need to contact Trimble(?).

You could go through your old e-mails. The license would have been sent to you in an e-mail.

Or you can try this link to retrieve your license.

No joy with your suggestions, old emails are gone. I tried to retrieve license, and it said email was sent, but I see nothing. However … I did get my 2014 version up and running (but it won’t open files made with later version). The old version might work in a pinch for the bathroom project, though, assuming it has no bugs … I think I’ll play around with it and see. Maybe I’ll have to eventually bite the bullet and pay for an upgrade… Thanks for your help!

I’ll just ping @colin for you, he can usually see if you have a current license and can send you the info.

I sent a message to you yesterday, but you may not be familiar with how the forum works yet. Look in the upper right of the page, where your S avatar is, and any blue circled numbers are topics you have been involved in, where there is a new post. Any green circled numbers are private messages to you. Look to see if you have one of those.

Thanks! I found Colin’s message and responded.