Working sketchup 2018 vs

Recently emailed support looking for a 2018 version that works and was told it is no longer supported. It is the last version I used that was not progressively more buggy w dynamic components, and frankly the last few years improvements have not provided anything really great that I can’t live without (waiting for 2024 to mature a bit before I try it out). Anyone know where I can get a ‘working’ version of 2018. Feel free to PM me, to be clear I have a paid subscription and want access to 2018…

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The German Archive.


Hey Box (and Dezmo) thanks for the help! Installed and running as a trial, keeps telling me I am offline (I am online). What do I do for a licence key?

It might be that @colin can help you get the license installed. Presumably you’ve saved the license information e-mail you had. You might be able to look up the key and serial number at

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Thanks for the help DaveR, good call found the email. But bummer…

I bet you are correct and @colin can help.

2018 is known for the ‘can’t connect to internet’ issue. You can search the forum for it, but it is certainly something that Colin has dealt with many times.

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Will have a look thanks.

Here is the article I wrote about how to convince 2018 that you are online:

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Hey Colin that did the trick to get me online! :smiley: But now its telling me that it is not a valid serial. :slightly_frowning_face: I tried the licence manager look up and it says my serial or email have changed (not email). Is it possibly because this was was an educational license the last year I was in school, 2019 was my first paid pro license.

You have an interesting situation, in that your EDU license did have a 2019 version, but you had some problems with that version. It looks like we made a 2018 license to keep you going for the next year. It was set to only be a year because that’s how long student Classic licenses lasted in those days.

Can you message me with the details of your Pro Classic license, so I can look up what the state of it is?

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Messaged the details.