Sketchup will not connect to the internet

Hi, I am currently running SketchUp 2018 and have a dormant license for 2019, 2020 and 2021. I have not taken out the subscription option.

I am upgrading my PC and want to remove my 2018 license from the old PC, however, I get a message that I am off line and cannot remove… try again next time I’m online.
I cannot login as I get an internet connection error.
I can access Sketchucation from inside SketchUp.
This is my backup PC, and I haven’t used Sketchup on it for over a year, however, it was up and running before.

I do have a valid internet connection (else I wouldn’t be able to send this).
I tried to get some help from my original licensee, but was advised that my license has expired and they will not provide support and I should contact the Community.

I am also concerned that should I try to install one of my later licensed versions, I will be hit with a similar out of support license issues should I encounter problems, however, this is another issue I hope I will not need to face.

Having a valid internet connection, which SketchUp doesn’t seem to recognise, has me lost for ideas. Can anyone make suggestions short of taking out a subscription license as advised by the support contact.

On a final note, I believe there is/was a licensing database of past versions. Could it be that it no longer exist so that the 2 PC per license limit no longer applies or will it be that I cannot install old licensed versions?

I may be a tad premature as I am in the process of re-installing all my software on the new PC and will be a day or so when I get around to trying Sketchup and have no issues.
Just trying to play by the rules.


Have a look here.

Many kisses Box… I haven’t tried it yet, but I appreciate your prompt answer.

It’s just a shame that people I have paid license fees to, cannot take the courtesy to provide such invaluable information.

And don’t let me forget colin, who provided the referenced information…

Thanks team… makes me not regret being a SketchUp tragic.

Thanks again Box & colin… just tried it and it worked… license successfully removed… let’s just hope it’ll install on the new PC.

2018 is nearly as old as I am, but I’m happy with it and I don’t see much benefit from later versions for my basic requirements.

You should check in with Building Point. I think that you have a 2020 and 2021 license that you didn’t use. They should be able to give you your 2021 license. You can keep 2018 installed and working, in case you don’t get on with the 2021 version.

Thanks colin,

I have checked with buildinpoint and they have advised me that all my licenses (even the unused ones) are now expired and will NOT be supported in any manner.

Unfortunately I’ve keep my licenses up to date (prior to subscription), however, have not found any features in later version of any benefit for my requirements.

Maybe if Trimble start to incorporate some of the plugins in the subscription versions I might consider. I just can’t justify the $440 (Aus) subscription fee over and above the cost for many plugins (they mount up) as I am just a retired hobbyist.

Thanks for the info as I have used your details for installing 2018, which would not be supported by buildingpoint.