Help, I can't enter my license info

Hi there, I purchased what I believe was a classic license in 2018 for sketch up pro. I am trying to log in on my laptop and i’m unable to login because it’s saying I don’t have an Internet connection when I’m clearly online. Can anyone help me trouble shoot?

There is a topic I posted to explain how to solve the Internet issue with SketchUp 2018. But, you would then hit a new problem. When you upgrade your version of SketchUp, that then becomes your active version, you can’t take the older version and install it onto a new computer.

You upgraded from 2018 to 2019, then 2019 to 2020. You have 2020 activated on three computers. If one of those happens to be the laptop you’re trying to use, then you should be able to reinstall 2020, and the existing license should work.

If it’s a new computer, and would be getting SketchUp 2020 for the first time, you will need to find one of your old three computers, and remove the SketchUp license from 2020. That would free up the activation to be used on the new machine.

If it’s a MacBook Pro, here’s the SketchUp 2020 disk image to download: