Problem adding license sketch up 2018

I can no longer add my 2018 sketch up pro license on my second computer although it has worked perfectly so far.
Sketch up says that I am not online although my internet connection is working and when I click on advanced to enter my license number it tells me that my license is not valid even though it is still working on my first computer.
Have you ever encountered this problem?
Thanks in advance

See my post here:

Thank you for your reply. I have correctly identified the i18n.dat file and made the modification you indicated. However, I am unable to save this edited file because I am not authorized to do so (Message: * You do not have permission to open this file. Consult the owner of the file or an administrator for this permission *)

Do you have a solution?

thanks in advance

Windows seems to be telling you that you need to have administrator pivileges. If you don’t have them, you need the admin to either edit the file for you or have them give you admin rights.

Someone else got around the problem by copying the file to the desktop, editing it there and doing a save, then moving it back into place, replacing the original file.

Thanks a lot for your help. Everything is working normally again.

or launch the used text editor (e.g. Notepad) with elevated user rights by “right clicking > Run as Admin”.