Software liscense not reconiged

Lost my main computer and backup with sketch up 2018 pro.I Still have it on my laptop (second computer). when I downloaded 2018 again on the new computer and tried to ad my license, it said it was invalid… It also said I was not hooked up to the internet which was not correct. What am I diong wrong here?

There is a chance that your license was upgraded to 2019. If it was, then adding your 2019 license to the new machine, with 2019 installed, would be the easiest solution.

I can’t find a license for you under your name or the email address you use in the forum. What other name or email address might it be listed under?

For the no Internet part of the problem, see this topic I posted:

Colon, thanks for responding back…The license I bought was definitely for 2018. The copy I have on my laptop has the proper serial number but it is not recognized by the new download. The version on my laptop runs fine but my main computer was a lot faster, so I did not use it as much. I did not upgrade after buying the first version because I was not using it much for commercial work after that year and the subscription service was too much to pay for a hobby. I will try downloading 2019 and try it but don’t have a lot of faith in that working. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.