License Sketchup Pro 2018

Hello, I have a new computer and I wanted to install my Sketchup Pro 2018 but I’m unable to introduce the license. First it tells me I’m offline (which is not true) so I go the the ‘Advanced’ option but it does not recognize the license information I recovered from my old computer.
What shall I do?
Thanks a lot

It seams it is similar problem here (at least you can check the solution offered in this topic):

SketchUp (desktop version) thinks you don’t have an Internet connection - Technical Problems / Known Issues - SketchUp Community

…but maybe @colin should do something on their side too, if you did not removed properly your licence from old computer…

Thanks! I followed your instructions and it does connect to the internet now, but it is asking me for an authorization code and I don’t know where to find it…
If I use the ‘advanced’ option, it still does not recognize my license information.

That would be in the e-mail you received when you purchased the 2018 license along with the serial number.

Your profile says you are using Windows 12. If that’s the case don’t be surprised if you have issues with older software. Note, also, that the web-based services like 3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse, and Add Location no longer support SU2018.

Oops… I think I don’t have that mail anymore…
Is there a way of getting it again? I have all the info and the same e-mail…
Or do I have to buy a new license?

As @dezmo wrote, Colin might be able to send you that information again. Be patient.

Lookup your license, renew Maintenance & Support, and upgrade to the latest version of SketchUp Pro.

Some more info:
SketchUp Classic License | SketchUp Help

Are you a Microsoft Beta tester?

Thanks again! I did it and I got a mail with my license and authorization number… but they don’t work.
I seem to have a Sketchup Pro 2019 license… I have a different license number than the one I have in the old computer

no, I’m not… that I know off…

Windows 12 isn’t due to be released until 2024 according to the reports I’ve seen.

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You’re right… my mistake, I have window 11

Correct your profile, then. Also add the model number of the graphics card.

just did for the windows version ! but for the graphics card I have no number… unless it’s the BIOS information?

No worries! I found the graphic card’s number and changed it in my profile. Also realised I had written Windows 111… sorry

You have a 2018 and a 2019 license. I will send them to you.