Jpeg exports too light

My photo exports (jpeg) appear very light with no edge lines. I need to see the edge lines

Show us your screen shot and even upload the SKP.

I exported it in the largest size and it appeared very light. Here ,at a smaller size it appears normal to me.

Edges in SketchUp are 1 pixel wide. If you expert at a large size, the edges, as a percentage of the pixel width will be thinner. This is perfectly normal and expected. If you don’t want the edges to be so thin, export at a smaller size or possibly use a sketchy line style with thicker lines. Look in the Straight Lines collection in Styles

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Thanks so much Dave, I appreciate your help. I will try the style change.

If you cannot get the style change to work, If you have access to an image editing suite such as Photoshop you can select the black lines and then either expand them by a percentage or add a stroke.

When I export illustrations from Sketchup my pasteboard is at least 10k by 10k pixels so I always have to thicken the lines up this way, it’s quite quick to do.


If you use this method, tuen the viewport to hidden line, make sure the sky is turned off and have the background the same colour as the default model material. Then you can easily extract the linework.

Or, you can export a vector graphic image to EPS, PDF or DWG, and postprocess the line widths in a vector graphics editor like Illustrator, Inkscape or AutoCad. You the export either directly from SketchUp or via LayOut. Users of SketchUp Make can use a PDF printer with the “Use high-accuracy HLR” printing option turned on.

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Yes, also those options work too! I use the Photoshop route as I also make use of the filled in areas as part of my workflow.

These images I made similar method. I combined two images bitmap JPG and vector DWG in external software.

They can also be exported to vector fills. Material textures don’t export, only the base colours and shading. For fills to appear in AutoCad files, they must be exported from LayOut.

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Oh nice, I will have to inspect this in more detail, could be useful for some ideas I have for illustrations.

Maybe it will help me with my fear of illustrator and vectors in general :sweat_smile:

Here’s a simple example straight from the SketchUp PDF exporter. Crude but…
cylinder.pdf (5.0 KB)

Oh cool, yes I just exported direct to illustrator. @Critex this is much better than the raster solution I proposed.

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