PNG and outline

Upon exporting to PNG from SketchUp, SketchUp would put black outline (edge) around the image.

PNG example - Showing black edges around

JPG example - Same settings, but no edges around

Original PNG file that was used for this example.

The image used was PNG imported as either image or texture.

I don’t think this is intended, as PNG exports are usually to include transparency of the background. Option for outlines is good, but there should be ability to not have that. Additionally, JPG doesn’t output outlines around with same settings. Unchecking edges from the styles shows no change on the export.

I discovered this whilst trying to export logo image attached in the front of the building for shadow effect. (photoshop edits of renderings)
This is just an example.

I imported the “original PNG” into SketchUp as an image and immediately exported it. This is the result. I see no edges. Do you?

Did you trim around the red pixels? I did that and got the following. I set profiles to 3 so the edges are obvious.

But with the edges hidden it seems to export just fine with no edges displayed.

Fine. I think it was a bad example.

Here is better one.

This is the image I am using.

Logo Test.skp (107.3 KB)

and the SKP file.

JPG export.

PNG export.

I want to export the wall and the logo separately and be able to layer like that in Photoshop. (example)


Here’s the JPG exported from your SKP file.

And then a PNG.

No change to any settings except the file type.

I think you must have “Transparent Background” Checked in the export options.

Ah… Yes. I didn’t have transparent background selected before. Here it is with the transparent background set.

The edge pixelation is very noticeable then.

I generally don’t use that setting. I just set the style to have a white background which gives this.

That’s easy enough to combine with the other image in Photoshop.

Yes, I agree.
when the logo is as simple as this and has big contrast between the logo itself and the black outlines, it is indeed simple.

But, I can’t share this for copyrights, but the logo that I am dealing with is a bit more complicated and got several of them on my building.

Regardless of my struggle, I don’t think this is “intended”. Therefore, a bug?

I never said or implied that it is an intended behavior.

I didn’t think you were.
I know you were just trying to investigate this further :smiley:

I don’t perceive a bug…

scaling a 123 X 54 px raster image too 4000 X 2435 px in any app is overly optimistic…

SU display is very reasonable considering…

Dave shows that SU can do a pretty good export with the appropriate settings…

If you want better output you need better [vector] input…


I have made the original image small to increase the outline effect. In the OP, the black line is there although it is thin. The pixel count isn’t the concern here because I am not on about image quality. Its regarding odd behavior of export function?
The black line isn’t visible on screen whist you are modeling. JPG export is fine, but just not in PNG.

Are you saying PNG export with “Transparent Background” checked is not an appropriate setting?

that setting is for splitting the SU background from the geometry, it’s not intended for an already transparent image export…

this has come before when people try to export ‘face me’ components as stills or animations…

for exporting a raster ‘logo’ it would be better to have a separate scene with different style settings and “Transparent Background” unchecked…

I sometimes use a ‘chromakey’ background color Style and “Transparent Background” unchecked for all pages…

that allows you to have black and white in the images and makes splitting easier in post…


True. You are right that is for the geometry, not transparent images. Good point.

I guess I would have to just do workarounds for that.

Thanks for explaining that to me John! :grinning: