How can I export a 2D graphic with the edges exactly as I edited them in Sketchup 2015?


I apologize if I am posting this question in the wrong place. I’m a noob here.

In Sketchup 2013 I was able to export 2d graphics, or rather create a JPG, that looked exactly like the image I had created in Sketchup. When I edited the edges to look “thicker”, “blacker”, I could export the 2d graphic that way. But in 2015 I cant. It wont export with thicker blacker edges.
I like to export JPGs to Photoshop, but I want to retain the thicker blacker edges. How can I do that?


First: Title your posts with more information about the question than question #1, #2 etc so they are easier to find.
To make the edges thicker try showing the “Depth cue” for the line style (Menu: Window > Styles :: Edge Settings and adjust the value so it looks more or less like you want it to.
You can change line color and some other things there too.


Thanks. I got that part. My problem is when I export a 2D graphic, it does not retain the appearanceI edited the edges to look like. The edges seem to go back to a “default” style(?) I’m trying to export it with thick edges.


Give a screengrab with your style settings, what the skp looks like and the resulting 2D export (Like I did; there you see the exported jpg and the style settings used for the edges to) the left of my image are what I call “thick edges” do you want them even thicker? Increase the “Depth cue” value.
Works for me…
Two images one a screen grab with the SketchUp interface and the other the image exported by SketchUp13:

The interface will not accept numbers greater than 20 for the thickness of the lines I notice no difference in thickness with values above 10. (this could be a bug).
Notice that when you do not have any "Extension"s or “Endpoints” displayed the lines have ends that may be less pleasing and require more editing than if you do have some values for these features-
Jitter is stochastic so it will give different results each time! (probably by design!?)
Up to you to decide…


Thank you for your time with this noob. Very helpful.