Sketchy edges style not exporting like view in model

So I’m attempting to export a jpg view with the sketchy edges style. The images that come out after I export don’t appear like they do when viewing in the model. I’ll attach both views.

Here’s the view in sketchup:

And here’s what is exported as a jpg:

How can I make sure the export looks exactly the way it does in Sketchup?


actually you’re not limited by the image size any more Dave.
What I mean is, yeah, you can either keep the line thickness at 1x and change the image size, or keep the image size and change the thickness.
between the two parameters, OP should manage to find the perfect spot :slight_smile:

these two jpg are the same size, 1500 x 1000 px

Capture d’écran 2023-11-26 à 23.06.59

I simply exported one with a x1 line thickness multiplier and the other one with a x3

it gives the same lines as making the image 3x smaller, except they are the same size from the get go (no extra resizing work to do)

@mjzlicenses9 try to export again with a thickness of x2 or x3 to see (you can go decimal and fine tune it)

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