Cant export sketchy edges in Make

Hi I have SUMake and if I select some of the sketchy styles then export as JPEG I get basic line, no nice sketchy edges as in my model. Had a search and can’t find why this is happening… is it a pro feature?
Thanks in advance

It should work in SU Make too. Can you share a model with this behaviour?

This depends on the resolution settings in the print setup window.

It may be related to your graphics card. Your profile doesn’t indicated what your graphics card, operating system, or SketchUp version is.

The sketchy styles are not limited to the pro version.

New iMac Radeon R9 graphics card,
SU 16.1.1451

so Wo3Dan if I output…

840 x 420 jpeg at 100 dpi then its looks as project but looking at this output in photoshop it is low res

as above 150 dpi sketchy edges are much finer so doesn’t look as model

as above 200 finer again almost fairly plain looking straight edges, so no good res output for this project?

Thanks for your responses

This is a limitation of the Sketchy Edges feature. The lines in Sketchy Edges styles are composed of raster images. When you export images from SketchUp, the higher your resolution, the smaller these images become, just like in standard styles where edges are always one pixel wide. Usually Sketchy edges look good only at screen resolution. For high-resolution output you would need to create a custom style that would probably look like ugly big blobs on your screen.


Thanks all help much apreciated

The solution is to use the “Grab” app and select the image you want. Then either print it or save it in a graphics file.